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You can stay in this cosy Hobbit home on Airbnb

If all the talk of self-isolating has got you thinking about escaping for a few weeks, Airbnb has the perfect rural treat – and one that Lord of The Rings fans won’t be able to resist.

The online rental platform has a real-life Hobbit hole listed as one of its properties – complete with a dragon hand-carved into the floor, fairy lights and an old-school stove.

Located in the countryside in Fairfield, Virginia, its surroundings are pretty close to those of Middle-earth – with a beautiful flower-filled garden, lanterns and a picturesque picket fence.

The tiny house was built in June 2017 by J.R.R. Tolkien fanatics Randy and Linda Holland and both the property (and its furnishings) have been crafted with local wood.

The Hobbit hole is best-suited for two guests, but has potential to fit up to four people in total (with two floor mattresses which can be provided, if necessary). There are all kinds of Hobbity knick-knacks inside, too, such as a desk with quill and paper, books, wooden utensils and a selection of jars and preserves.

Whilst there’s no TV at the property, there’s still plenty of entertainment on offer. The Airbnb hosts run a variety of LOTR-themed workshops, including ‘Hobbit Pipe and Wizard Staff Carving’, ‘Vintage Broom’ and ‘Wooden Spoon’ sessions.

The only bad news is that the property is pretty booked up until November – but its cosy setting makes it ideal for a winter getaway. And if the five-star reviews are anything to go by, visitors will not be left disappointed with the pint-sized home.

Prices start from around £199 a night – which seems pretty reasonable considering its unique nature.

According to the Airbnb listing, the house is ‘so authentic you expect Gandalf to knock on the door with his staff or the dwarves to ring the bell.’

Sounds pretty priceless to us.

But, of course, make sure you check Government guidance before booking any foreign trips. This one might have to wait until the pandemic has blown over.